SYMBIO gets a contract for a visual control room at Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport

03 Apr 2019
SYMBIO wins a new contract with French Air Navigation for the design of new consoles for the South Traffic visual control room at Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport.

SYMBIO starts developing SYM Lab and SYM View virtual reality (VR) software

11 Mar 2019
SYMBIO has started developing the new SYM Lab and SYM View virtual reality (VR) software for control room and console design

SYMBIO gets a contract with Schneider Electric

10 Jan 2019
Schneider Electric subcontracts SYMBIO for helping digitally improving operational and business processes at APA, a gas transporter and energy company in Brisbane, Australia.


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Ergonomic study and design of an ATC-dedicated work station for COFELY INEO

Sunday, June 09, 2013

SYMBIO gets a contract with COFELY INEO for the study and design of an ATC-dedicated workstation for air traffic control towers.
The console will have to provide an optimized footprint within the control tower and rely on a “Zero piece of paper” principle. The console should bring numerous ergonomic adjustments possibilities: distance, height, tilt (height-adjustable tray with an electric command). The peripheral devices will be built-in and with no apparent cabling. The console will have 2 large LCD touch screen monitors, hinged and redundant. The console will also have to be buildable from recyclable materials (RoHS, CE, PEFC…) compliant with Cofely Ineo's charter of sustainable development


COFELY INEO is a leading French player in electrical engineering and information and communication systems. Expert in energy efficiency, COFELY INEO develops global solutions to reduce the environmental impact of enterprises and works towards sustainable development. With 15,500 employees and 300 facilities in France, COFELY INEO works on projects for industrial and tertiary-sector electrical installations, energy networks, public lighting, transportation and telecommunications infrastructures, overall security, energy production, information systems, and outsourcing. COFELY INEO is part of GDF SUEZ Energy Services, which has 78,000 employees, with revenues of 14.7 billion euros, is European leader of multi-technical services and is one of five business lines of GDF SUEZ, a leading worldwide energy company.

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