Design and manufacture of a functional prototype of the CASCADe ship bridge

10 Sep 2015
SYMBIO designs and manufactures a fully working prototype of the ship bridge developed in the CASCADe European project. The prototype will be installed by SYMBIO at Raytheon-Anschutz facilities in Kiel (DE), where it will then be equipped

Manufacture of 6 train simulators for TRANSURB Simulation and ONCF, the Morocan railway operator

10 Sep 2015
TRANSURB Simulation orders SYMBIO to manufacture 6 modular train simulators for ONCF, the Moroccan railway operator.

NAMAHN and SYMBIO get a contract with VRT for developing a future control room vision

04 Sep 2015
NAMAHN and SYMBIO get a contract with VRT to develop a concrete vision for a future control room that will support functions such as monitoring of distribution, contribution and infrastructure.


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Products - User interfaces and cognitive ergonomics

The user interfaces aim to ensure that the technical data which appear on a screen are pertinent and understandable by all operators: quickly and in the same way.
This includes, for example, creating symbols and associating them with colour codes, keeping in mind local and cultural implication. In particular, certain symbols can represent material flows (a steel strip) equipment (a conveyor), movement (an airplane), etc.
This work requires listening closely to the users and must be validated by them.

Cognitive ergonomics seeks to study the mental processes of the operators, and to utilise this understanding in the design of the systems that they use and of their environment.
Symbio's references in this domain include: Suez-Tractebel (imaging in nuclear power plant, intranet and extranet portals), Airbus (autopilots for A380, A400M and A350).