Design and manufacture of a functional prototype of the CASCADe ship bridge

10 Sep 2015
SYMBIO designs and manufactures a fully working prototype of the ship bridge developed in the CASCADe European project. The prototype will be installed by SYMBIO at Raytheon-Anschutz facilities in Kiel (DE), where it will then be equipped

Manufacture of 6 train simulators for TRANSURB Simulation and ONCF, the Morocan railway operator

10 Sep 2015
TRANSURB Simulation orders SYMBIO to manufacture 6 modular train simulators for ONCF, the Moroccan railway operator.

NAMAHN and SYMBIO get a contract with VRT for developing a future control room vision

04 Sep 2015
NAMAHN and SYMBIO get a contract with VRT to develop a concrete vision for a future control room that will support functions such as monitoring of distribution, contribution and infrastructure.


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Products - Consoles

Whether for heavy industry (iron and steel industry, cement manufacturing, etc.), aeronautics or the service sector (trading rooms), today consoles are a key element of all control and production processes.

Symbio's primary references in this domain include: Belgocontrol (Brussels National Airport control tower, CANAC2 project), Eurocontrol (analysis of consoles for an en-route centre being considered in Vienna) and ArcelorMittal (iron and steel site in Kessales, new control rooms and Skin Pass Quarto station).