SYMBIO gets a contract for a visual control room at Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport

03 Apr 2019
SYMBIO wins a new contract with French Air Navigation for the design of new consoles for the South Traffic visual control room at Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport.

SYMBIO starts developing SYM Lab and SYM View virtual reality (VR) software

11 Mar 2019
SYMBIO has started developing the new SYM Lab and SYM View virtual reality (VR) software for control room and console design

SYMBIO gets a contract with Schneider Electric

10 Jan 2019
Schneider Electric subcontracts SYMBIO for helping digitally improving operational and business processes at APA, a gas transporter and energy company in Brisbane, Australia.


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TeQnovation and Symbio join forces

Saturday, May 19, 2018

TeQnovation is a leading provider of Automation Solutions from PLC to MES on a global scale. The company with headquarters in Houston, Texas, is active worldwide with focus on Middle East through their second office in Dubai, UAE, and local partner representation across Middle Eastern countries.


Together with Symbio, a Europe based leading provider of ergonomic human workflow processes design, TeQnovation can provide a comprehensive package for their clients: An optimized workspace for centralized control and command centers where operators together with maintenance and technology experts get the information they need just in time to run production processes or manufacturing lines smoothly and efficiently, predict and prevent equipment malfunctions and simulate scenarios before they can hurt production Symbio and TeQnovation have a strong reputation in various industries such as Oil and Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Energy and Utilities, Food &Beverage, Manufacturing, Transportation, etc.


Thanks to the formed partnership, Symbio as well as TeQnovation Specialists are able to cover a large scope of your Integration projects by “Integrating technology with innovative minds” in software, services, ergonomic design and combined execution.


Symbio's approach is based on seeing the control room, as well as the operational network it is part of, as a joint cognitive system. This joint cognitive system is a system that can be physically distributed, between different rooms and/or decision centers, and that has to perform certain tasks reactively or proactively. Automation is also seen as a key element in that system, acting together and in harmony with human actors, to achieve the joint cognitive system's functions and objectives.


Our joint work as Symbio and TeQnovation is to optimize that distributed system through ensuring information flows appropriately between all parts, each agent in charge of processing information, making decision and acting, receives information that is appropriate for his/her job, lay out the room in such a way that information flows are optimal within the room, between the agents, human or automated, themselves and between the human agents and the information presentation surfaces (typically screens on their desk or outside their desks and static boards), ensure all environmental conditions (lighting, HVAC, acoustics) are met to allow optimal working conditions for the agents, and finally produce finishings to the room that makes it agreable and a nice place to work in.


Symbio and TeQnovation can thus provide the following:

  • functional analysis & design: determine with the client who are the agents involved, in and out of the room, how they should interact and how they should be fed with information
  • layout analysis & design: determine the most appropriate spatial organization of the room for achieving the requirements uncovered/designed during functional analysis & design
  • console and furniture design & manufacture: ensure physical & cognitive ergonomics, as well giving easy access to all needed information & controls, provide storage and archiving facilities, lockers,... Manufacture, ship and install all furniture on site.
  • user interface and interaction design: determine which information is needed, how it should be presented, and how users interact with the software
  • environmental design: lighting, HVAC, acoustics
  • finishing's: selection of materials, textures and colors for all visible surfaces in the room (including furniture)

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