TeQnovation and Symbio join forces

19 May 2018
TeQnovation and Symbio establish a partnership to provide combined services and solutions in Middle East.

NAMAHN and SYMBIO will design the new MOBIRIS dispatching

30 Jun 2017
NAMAHN and SYMBIO are contracted to design a new MOBIRIS dispatching center for BRUXELLES MOBILITE

Virtual Reality at SYMBIO

16 Jan 2017
SYMBIO starts developping tools and environments for Virtual Reality


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Use of SYMBIO's generic architecture for Human-Machine cooperation in the A-PIMOD European project

Thursday, November 14, 2013

SYMBIO has instantiated its generic architecture for Human-Machine cooperation within the A-PIMOD European project. The functional architecture specifies how the crew and automated systems interact and cooperate to perform commercial mission flights. It will play a central role in A-PIMOD because it specificies all software modules that have to be developed, what they do and how they interact. The architecture is an instantiation of the more generic architecture for Human-Machine cooperation developed by SYMBIO in 2011. About A-PIMOD A-PIMOD is a European project to which SYMBIO participates with several international partners: OFFIS (DE), Honeywell (CZ), DLR (DE), NLR (NL), Trinity College Dublin (EI), Brno University of Technology (CZ) and Kite Solutions (IT). A-PIMOD project aims at investigating and developing new concepts for adaptive automation in modern cockpits. Multi-modal technologies (e.g., speech & gesture recognition; tactile inputs,...) will be used to support interaction between the crew and the aircraft. Adaptiveness will be provided through dynamic task (re)distribution between the crew and automation, as well as through adaptive user interfaces. Cues for adaptation will be based on crew state inference, task recognition and dynamic on-board cognitive models.

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