SYMBIO gets a contract for a visual control room at Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport

03 Apr 2019
SYMBIO wins a new contract with French Air Navigation for the design of new consoles for the South Traffic visual control room at Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport.

SYMBIO starts developing SYM Lab and SYM View virtual reality (VR) software

11 Mar 2019
SYMBIO has started developing the new SYM Lab and SYM View virtual reality (VR) software for control room and console design

SYMBIO gets a contract with Schneider Electric

10 Jan 2019
Schneider Electric subcontracts SYMBIO for helping digitally improving operational and business processes at APA, a gas transporter and energy company in Brisbane, Australia.


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Ergonomic study of ELIA control room, in partnership with NAMAHN

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

NAMAHN and SYMBIO start a new contract with ELIA for the study, evaluation and production of recommendations for improved ergonomics of their control room, through control room redesign.

About ELIA
ELIA is Belgium's electrical transmission system operator, operating all high-voltage lines (30 kV to 380 kV) in the country.
The company plays a crucial role in Belgium by transmitting and regulating electricity from generators to distribution systems, which in turn deliver it to the consumer. ELIA  is therefore key to the Belgian economy, as it supplies power directly to major companies connected to the grid, and is a key player in the energy market and the interconnected electricity system in Belgium and neighboring countries. ELIA employs more than 1,100 professionals.

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