TeQnovation and Symbio join forces

19 May 2018
TeQnovation and Symbio establish a partnership to provide combined services and solutions in Middle East.

NAMAHN and SYMBIO will design the new MOBIRIS dispatching

30 Jun 2017
NAMAHN and SYMBIO are contracted to design a new MOBIRIS dispatching center for BRUXELLES MOBILITE

Virtual Reality at SYMBIO

16 Jan 2017
SYMBIO starts developping tools and environments for Virtual Reality


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4690 Bassenge Belgium

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Phone 2 : +32 4 2869003
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SYMBIO gets a contract for the manufacture of work consoles for TRANSURB TECHNIRAIL

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SYMBIO was called by TRANSURB TECHNIRAIL to produce and deliver 11 simulation consoles. This production must be achieved in record time, about 4 weeks. These consoles are for a major French customer.


TRANSURB TECHNIRAIL is a company of land transport-oriented services (railway and urban transport), pooling the experience and resources of its shareholders, the Belgian Railways Group of Companies (SNCB) and the Brussels’ Mass Transport Company (STIB). As a result, they have exclusive access to the best qualified specialists, totaling more than 2.000 engineers and technicians, and to their equipment, systems, hardware and software. TRANSURB TECHNIRAIL combines a private sector approach with the public sector’s experience.

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